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Budget Bedding for Better Sleep: Be Prepared for the Energy Crisis This Winter​

Budget Bedding for Better Sleep Be Prepared for the Energy Crisis This Winter​
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Budget Bedding for Better Sleep Be Prepared for the Energy Crisis This Winter​

This winter, as the energy crisis looms, the UK is preparing for bitterly cold weather and possible nationwide blackouts. Many Brits are fearing the rising costs of gas, electricity and fuel, so they are looking for feasible methods to cut down on their energy bills in a sustainable way. 

According to a Bloomberg report, the Met Office has forecasted that the “likelihood of a colder three-month period is slightly greater than normal”. This will result in a huge demand for heating in homes over the winter, which has hiked up the prices of gas and electricity– therefore passing the cost onto the consumer.​

One incredibly cost-effective way to stay insulated this winter is to invest in a warm duvet. This will help you cope with the chilly winter in an affordable way, without relying on your oil or gas heater.​

There are plenty of high-quality, warm duvets to choose from at Bedding Comfort Store, which is one of the UK’s leading bedding shops. The Rochdale-based leading supplier in bedding is proud to provide customers with the essentials for every home this winter- at an affordable price.​

Bedding Comfort Store offers a broad collection of Winter Duvets and Great Value Duvets, which will keep you toasty warm and comfortable, without breaking the bank. Available in the sizes single, double, king and super king, these duvets are soft, breathable, and feel divine.​

Starting from as low as £13.99 for a Great Value Functional Hypoallergenic Duvet, there is the perfect duvet for everyone to keep themselves snug throughout the whole year. Alternatively, beat the cold this winter with a high tog winter-specific duvet from just £16.99.

The Winter Duvet collection ranges from 13.5 tog to 15 tog, for complete comfort during the colder months. These winter designs are also made from premium cotton and boast hollow fibre padding for a cosy, cushioned finish.​

These duvets are naturally hypoallergenic and light enough to keep you comfy, yet warm enough to stop you from reaching for the thermostat.​

There are also Luxury Hotel Collection Winter Duvets available in 15 Tog and 16.5 Tog, which are premium duvets that offer the perfect form of escapism when those cold and dark nights set in for their long winter stay.​

Bedding Comfort Store also has a range of Great Value Duvets, which are very popular with customers. These duvets are a perfect low-cost bedding solution, offering outstanding warmth and comfort at an incredible price.​

These affordable duvets are naturally hypoallergenic and durable, so they will last you for years to come. Unlike some other cheap polypropylene duvets, these Great Value Duvets aren’t stiff and scratchy. They are lovely for the coldest nights- the filling is evenly distributed with straight channels, so the duvet never gets top or bottom-heavy.

Haroon Gauhar, director of bedding Comfort Store, said: “Having a warm duvet will make all the difference as you navigate the energy crisis this winter.”​

Bedding Comfort Store has a variety of warm duvets which are breathable, long-lasting, and with a super soft feel. They deliver the warmth and comfort you need for a peaceful night’s sleep, but the best thing is, they are totally budget-friendly.

Shop the company’s Winter Duvets and Great Value Duvets here.​

If you are not sure which duvet you need, click here to view helpful tips from Bedding Comfort Store.​

Bedding Comfort Store is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bedding items.​

To learn more about Bedding Comfort Store, visit the company website here.

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Bedding Comfort Store is a leading supplier of bedding items.​

The company sells duvets, pillows, bedding sets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, cushions, nursery bedding, fabric, upholstery & insulation, and towels.

Browse the company’s collection of Winter Duvets here.​

Browse the company’s range of Great Value Duvets here.​

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To learn more about Bedding Comfort Store, visit the company website here.​

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