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Why You Should Consider Anti-allergy Duvets

Why You Should Consider Anti-allergy Duvets
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Why You Should Consider Anti-allergy Duvets

If you have found yourself sneezing, itching, or waking up with a stuffy nose, the reason may be the comforting duvet you choose to wrap yourself in every evening! Allergies can affect 1 in 4 adults during their lifetime, which means that you are not alone with the space that should be offering you the most relaxation is doing the opposite.  

The solution? An anti-allergy duvet. These hypoallergenic wonders are made from high-quality materials that are designed to protect against both seasonal and household allergies. Whether you are struggling with unwanted dust mites or are suffering from a nasty bout of hay fever, this neutral addition to the bedroom will give you the peaceful night’s rest you deserve. 

With 44% of UK adults suffering from at least one allergy, there is no denying this is a widespread issue causing havoc for people all over the country. That, coupled with the fact that people can develop new allergies at any time, are the reasons that at Bedding Comfort Store, we have made it our mission to provide premium anti-allergy bedding.

If you are unsure if an anti-allergy duvet is a solution for you, keep reading to find out more about what allergies can arise from the wrong bedding and how these soothing products could be the solution for you. 

What are the symptoms of having an allergy to a duvet?

If you are allergic to your duvet, you will likely experience unwanted symptoms each time you rest your head! The most common side effects that you are likely to face if your duvet is causing you to have an allergic reaction are:

  • Nasal Congestion – This will result in sneezing, a runny nose and, in the worst cases, cause issues with breathing.
  • Sore eyes – Itchy, watery, and red eyes can all be experienced because of being allergic to bedding.
  • Itchy Throat – As well as being uncomfortable, you will also likely suffer from a dry cough that becomes an annoyance during the entire day.
  • Irritated Skin – Anything from a small rash to prolonged sores may result from a duvet allergy.

If you notice any of these issues arising, you should invest in a new anti-allergy duvet, pillows and even a mattress topper as soon as possible.

What makes an anti-allergy duvet?

As a third of people have had to change their lifestyle to help treat an allergic reaction, you will be very happy to hear that bedtime allergies can be resolved with the purchase of a brand-new duvet.

These duvets are made from synthetic fibres, which are recommended as the best solution for anyone with sensitivities. This is achieved as the synthetic microfibres construct is breathable, meaning that nothing becomes trapped within the structure. By preventing the growth of bacteria and allowing a product that is easy to wash, the duvet is ideal for those who suffer from irritants. Being able to aerate and clean your duvet means it can become free of dust, mites, and other materials that can cause much more harm than good. It is then the allergy-proof casing which prevents anything from entering the duvet, completely protecting it from anything getting trapped within the fibres.

We choose hollow fibre materials, which are a form of polyester. These are one of the most common materials used for hypoallergenic bedding, which offer the greatest chance of breathability being achieved. By providing a product that is both made from allergy-sensitive materials and one that has been designed to not trap any nasties, you can have complete peace of mind that your bedding is safe to use.

What are the benefits of using an anti-allergy duvet?


Anti-allergy bedding is not just perfect for those who suffer from allergic reactions, with the benefits of using these cosy bedtimes additions include:

  • Any bedding is suitable for the entire family, from young ones to older generations. As people can develop allergies at any age and they are more susceptible at times of growth and development, this gives you complete peace of mind that you are choosing the bed type of bedding for everyone.
  • The breathable materials are less likely to grow or harbour bacteria making anti-allergy duvets more hygienic in general.
  • Thanks to the soft construction, you can easily wash your duvet at home without needing to have a large, industrial-size washing machine to accommodate it.
  • Using this type of duvet also eliminates the need to invest in new products when the seasons change. If you are not concerned about the tog of your duvet, you can invest in an all-seasons duvet that combats allergies any time of the year. Think of it as all-year-round allergy medication for just one price!
  • Comfort is also guaranteed with hypoallergenic bedding as the synthetic construct offers an ultra-soft, cushioned finish.

Allergy or no allergy, these duvets are the top choice if you want a better night’s rest!

Do anti-allergy duvets alleviate dust mites?

Just the thought of dust mites is enough to make most people develop an unwanted itch. If you have ever experienced these tiny pests, you will understand precisely why.

Whilst they are only a quarter of a millimetre long, dust mites are a huge issue for many. You may be surprised to learn it is not the actual mite itself that causes an allergic reaction but instead what it leaves behind. Leaving around 20 waste droppings a day on fabrics, mites can cause people to suffer from symptoms even after they have gone. 

Anti-allergy duvets eliminate the issue of dust mites thanks to their secure casing. By offering a resistance layer that protects against any bugs setting up camp in your cosy space, you can wave goodbye to these bedtime disturbances. It’s also important to understand the importance of preventing and not having to treat. This is because dust mites can live for as long as 70 days and lay multiple eggs daily. The longer you leave an infested piece of bedding, the harder it is to get rid of them!

The best chance of offence is defence!

Are anti-allergy duvets better for known health conditions?

Anti-allergy bedding is also good to use if you already suffer from a health condition. This is because having a duvet that is susceptible to trapping irritants can lead to existing symptoms getting worse.

In the UK alone, 5.4 million people suffer from asthma. This is an example of a lung condition that gets much worse when people are exposed to materials such as dust and pet hairs. An anti-allergy duvet will eliminate the chance of anything causing extra annoyance thanks to its secure, protective layer.

Other health conditions that benefit from using this form of duvet include skin conditions such as psoriasis and sinusitis.

Our top anti-allergy duvet recommendations

With something for any time of the year, our extensive duvet collection proves that you can combat any form of allergy or illness with the right product. 

Summer Duvet Recommendation 

This 1.5 tog summer duvet will ensure you can sleep, no matter how warm the weather gets. 

When you are sleeping with the windows open, there is a chance of pollen coming in. As 25% of adults in the UK suffer from hay fever and other seasonal allergies, it is important to invest in good quality, anti-allergy duvet. 

You may think that comfort is something you can say goodbye to during the summer months when trying to sleep, but this duvet proves that is not the case! The ultra-breathable material and lightweight design mean you can still cover yourself in a protective layer without needing to worry about any negative side effects. 

Finish with your favourite bright bedding for a soothing summer bedroom setup.  

Winter Duvet Recommendation

If you are wondering what the best type of duvet is for winter, don’t let hypoallergenic options slip your mind.

When the colder months set in, we rely more on our duvets as they keep us warm and cosy, ensuring a deep sleep. That means it is super important to choose a winter duvet that will not allow dust mites and other unwanted nasties to embed themselves in the material. 

This 13.5 tog winter duvet is the perfect example of a product in which you can wrap yourself and never have to worry about an allergic reaction. 

All Seasons Duvet Recommendation

If the thickness of your duvet is not something you change with the arrival of a new season, then our 10.5 tog all-season anti-allergy duvet is the option for you. 

Created with our anti-bacterial and dust mite-repelling materials, this duvet will offer you complete peace of mind all year long. We recommend washing at least once a month to maintain the allergy-free properties that will provide you with ultimate comfort and protection.

Are you considering an anti-allergy duvet?

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some food for thought as you may have been suffering from a duvet allergy for a long time and not even realised! Our collection of hypoallergenic duvets makes it easy for you to eliminate any bedtime irritations and guarantee yourself brilliant sleep.

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