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How Often Should You Change a Baby’s Bedding?

how often should you change a baby's bedding
how often should you change a baby's bedding

If you have welcomed a new baby, the alarming rate at which your washing pile is growing is sure to be something you are very aware of. In fact, when a new bundle of joy makes their much-anticipated arrival, laundry is set to increase by as much as five times within the first few months

Aside from the many outfits that need refreshing, the most important thing to consider is your baby’s sleeping accessories. ‘how often should you change a baby’s bedding’ is a question we find ourselves getting asked often, as parents want to know how best to prioritise little ones’ laundry loads. 

In this blog, we will share the Bedding Comfort Store’s official guide to washing the baby’s bedding so that everything is kept fresh and safe for your smallest family members.  

Why is it important to keep a baby’s bed clean?

Whilst a third of adults admit that they only change their bedding once a year, this simply won’t do for precious little ones. For young ones, the need to change bedding is about much more than just having a fresh bed to climb into or changing the sheets because of style adjustments. Not keeping a baby’s bed clean could have a detrimental effect on their health. 

It is therefore important to keep baby bedding fresh due to the following reasons:

  • baby’s immune system is not fully developed until they are much older, which means that any germs and bacteria will likely make them unwell. Bedding is known for being able to harbour nasties such as dust mites and bacteria, so it is integral to your child’s health that items are kept clean. 
  • Accidents at night are a genuine issue for young ones, so keeping bedding fresh also eliminates the chance of odours becoming a permanent issue. If you do not treat bad smells often, you may find that items become unusable long before their time should be up.
  • Newborn’s sleep for between eight to sixteen hours a day which is essential for maintaining healthy development. Keeping bedding clean also ensures that it is kept comfortable and therefore offers the perfect spot for babies to get a good night’s rest. You may even be able to grab some time for  yourself to have a much needed cup of team after all of that laundry!
  • During the first year of their life, a baby can cost around £7000. With lots of things you cannot avoid paying for, having to replace items before their time is not something most parents want to do. Therefore. Looking after your baby’s bedding is in your own financial interest!

Keeping your young one’s bedding in perfect condition will benefit everyone, with a happier family environment all around.

How often do you wash baby bedding?

We know that looking after a baby is time-consuming and keeping on top of household chores can be tricky. That is why we have broken down our guide into the simple following list, ensuring your little one has the best rest possible. By maintaining a consistent routine for baby laundry, you will never have to deal with an overwhelming mountain of washing you need to climb when you are most tired.

Your preferences may, of course, be slightly different, but to keep your baby in the best health, we recommend following these routines:

Twice a week: Baby Fitted Sheets

Bottom sheets are likely to experience the most dirt and accidents and toilet and milk spillages are common. They also collect a build-up of sweat, dribble and dead skin which all equate to an environment that is damaging to your young one’s health and well-being.

Once per week: Cot Bumper, Blankets

These items are included in little ones’ bedding to provide comfort and care, so keeping them clean is also essential. As with any bedding, you may need to wash it more than the recommended times, so keeping a spare on hand is also a great idea.

Keeping these comforting items fresh will also ensure they remain soft and supple, enhancing your baby’s sleep quality.

Once a month: Cot Mattresses

As with any mattress, the construction can be home to germs and bacteria, which can only be removed by providing a deep clean. As the task of sheets and other bedding is to provide a layer of security for the mattress, you may only need to wash this once a month, but as with other items, more often if accidents occur. 

It would help if you also chose a waterproof cot mattress when making your initial purchase, as this will reduce the number of occasions that a full wash is required. These provide additional protection for the inner elements of the mattress to ensure they remain cushioned and plump for as long as possible. 

How do you wash baby bedding?

mother and baby with laundry

Baby bedding should be treated with the same care, and caution clothing has, as it provides the same comfort and security to little ones. Whilst this may be a change to your processes at the start, thankfully you can make changes to your existing routine easily so that you do not find yourself spending all your spare time dealing with the washing machine!

A non-bio detergent should always be used as your product of choice. This will offer a hypoallergenic finish, ensuring no irritations are caused to your baby’s skin. Non-bio also means that no scent or product deposits are left behind when washing is completed, which is ideal for prolonging the life of your bedding. We also advise that only liquid detergents are used as this further eliminates the chance of any residue being left behind that could cause harm to young one’s skin.

Care labels are always included for bedding items, just like clothing, so always consider the recommendations that are made here. Certain items may not be suitable for machine washing or need other considerations. These are advised not just to keep products in usable condition but also to enhance your baby’s well-being.

A lower temperature is also advised as this offers a gentler wash. For this reason, and the ones outlined above, you should only wash your baby’s items in their own wash. If you combine it with the rest of your laundry, you could end up damaging delicate items or experiencing harmful residue left behind.

Lastly, always ensure everything is 100% dry before placing it back on the bed. Any signs of dampness could cause irritation and lead to germs and bacteria forming quicker than they otherwise would have. This could also lead to bad smells and damp in other areas of the bedding.

What baby bedding should you use?

decorated baby bedroom

Choosing the right products for your little one is essential for prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal usage. We only stock the finest quality baby bedding at Bedding Comfort Store, as your family’s comfort is paramount to us. We make it possible for you to combine essential requirements with timeless designs so that all boxes are ticked.

You will need a bay cost mattress, no matter what crib design you choose. If you want to find out how to choose a cost mattress, you can check out our complete guide here. Essentially, the factors you will need to consider are size, longevity, and material to ensure the product is completely perfect for your needs. To support the mattress and increase the time between washes, choose a baby mattress protector. Alongside a cosy blanket and sleep-safe swaddle, this will ensure your baby has sweet dreams every night. 

As they get older, consider a pillow and duvet, but only ones that have been made safe for young ones to use. If you always choose products designed for babies and support them with the right washing products, your young ones sleeping arrangements will always be optimised for safety and relaxation. 

Does the regularity of washing change as baby gets older?

You will be relieved to know that consistent washing calms down as your little one ages. However, it is also essential that you keep nursery bedding clean and germ-free to prevent any issues for your child’s immune system. 

Nursery-fitted sheets and toddler bedding also should be treated with the same washing processes as baby sheets. Most families decide to use non-bio and natural products when children get older also still as this means laundry loads can be combined without any compromises being made to wellbeing. 

Whilst we cannot prevent accidents that mean your laundry load increases, we think that by investing in the right bedding, you make your life a whole lot easier! 

Ready to choose the perfect bedding for your baby?

How often should you change a baby’s bedding may depend on your chosen routine of the unwanted accidents that happen in between washes.

Whatever reason you need to wash your items, when you choose the right new born and nursery bedding, at you can rest assured in knowing that you are providing the best possible sleep aids to support your baby’s healthy development.

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