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Is a Duvet Too Hot for Summer?

Is a Duvet Too Hot for Summer
Is a Duvet Too Hot for Summer

Summer is a time for sunshine, warmth, and relaxation, but for many of us, it can also mean hot and sticky nights that leave us tossing and turning. With so many options out there for bedding, it can be hard to know what to choose to keep cool and comfortable during those balmy summer nights. Sleep is such a key part of life, and essential for allowing you to recharge and prepare for the day ahead.

As such, it is essential to be able to get the perfect duvet that is going to help you prepare for your hot summer nights more effectively. One of the questions that tends to crop up frequently around this issue is whether or not a duet is too hot for long summer nights. In this post we examine the pros and cons of using a duvet in the summer, as well as how best to remain cool during that time too.


Pros and Cons of Using a Duvet in the Summer

Duvets are a staple of the bed, but they are generally associated with winter when the weather is colder, and you need to wrap up. However, if you pick the right duvet, it is something that can be used all year around. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with using a duvet during the summer:


  • Keeps you warm, cosy, and comfortable all through the night
  • Duvet covers are easily removable and washable, and are easy to maintain freshness and hygiene
  • Duvets are a wonderful way of getting the right bedtime insulation, especially when combined with other layers as well
  • High-quality duvets made with natural materials can be breathable and help regulate your body temperature


  • Some people find duvets too warm and heavy in the summer months
  • Without having a lightweight duvet, or a duvet with different tog options, you might struggle to find the perfect temperature
  • Some synthetic duvets tend not to be breathable,and they can trap heat in, making them uncomfortable
  • Poor quality duvets can cause overheating or create a humid environment, which can exacerbate allergies or respiratory problems

Bedtime Hacks

Check out these bedtime hacks that you can use to help you improve the bedtime experience, and ensure that you are as comfortable as possible, as much as possible. This is something you need to think about, and these are some of the hacks you can use to help you make the most of your duvet this summer.

1.   Get a multi-tog duvet

One of the easiest ways to stay comfortable during the summer months is to invest in a multi-tog duvet. These duvets come with different tog ratings that can be adjusted to suit the weather and your body temperature, and help you to stay comfortable in bed all through the year.

2.   Layer up

Another way to use a duvet during summer is to layer it with other lightweight bedding. If you use a light duvet, you can add a lightweight cotton sheet or a thin blanket to your bed to help regulate your body temperature.

3.   Switch to natural fibres

Natural fibres such as cotton, and linen are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for summer bedding. These materials allow air to circulate, which can help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating.

4.   Cover your feet

As strange as it may sound, covering your feet can actually really help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool during the summer. Try using a lightweight duvet, and tuck it in at the foot of the bed to create a cooler environment.

5.   Go for Texture

Another way to stay cool with a duvet during summer is to choose one that has a textured surface. A duvet with a quilted, waffle, or bumpy surface can help create a layer of air between you and the duvet, which is a great way of being able to regulate body temperature.

Consider the Shape

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to improving your duvet selection in the summer is its shape. Most duvets tend to be rectangular, but some are different shapes, and can sometimes be more comfy as a result.

For those who might sleep on their backs or stomachs, a thinner and flatter duvet will likely be more comfortable, as it’s not going to bunch or feel too heavy. Making the right decision here is really important to understand some of the best ways of being able to make the most of this.

For those who sleep on their side, a thicker duvet might be more suitable, as it is going to give you support and cushioning. Make sure you consider some of the best ways of being able to understand the best ways of being able to achieve this moving forward.

Too Hot or Cold At Night? A Guide to Duvet Togs

One key factor to consider when selecting the best duvet for summer is the tog rating. Tog is a measure of a duvet’s thermal insulation, with higher tog ratings indicating a warmer duvet and lower tog ratings indicating a cooler duvet.

In the summer, it’s typically best to choose a duvet that has a lower tog rating. This will provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable without causing you to get too hot or uncomfortable.

But, it is important to understand the best ways of finding the perfect duvet, and this means keeping in mind that everyone’s sleeping temperature is going to be different, and there are factors like age, and gender that can affect this. So while a 4.5 tog duvet may work well for some people, others may prefer a slightly higher or lower tog rating.

To help you determine the right tog rating for your needs, here’s a general guide:

  • 5 tog: Suitable for very warm rooms (above 25°C) or for use during the hottest summer nights
  • 5 tog: Suitable for summer use or for those who feel warm at night
  • 5 tog: Suitable for spring and autumn or for those who prefer a slightly warmer duvet
  • 5 tog: Suitable for cooler temperatures or for those who prefer a warmer duvet
  • 5 tog: Suitable for winter use or for those who feel cold at night

Get your perfect night’s sleep with Bedding Comfort Store

If you are looking for the best duvet for keeping cool over the summer, you should head to the experts and check out Bedding Comfort Store, and their range of wonderful duvets that are available.

With a wide range of amazing duvets in various shapes, sizes, and tog ratings, as well as expert advice and guidance from their sleep specialists, they can help you find the lightest duvet for summer, and make sure your sleeping needs and preferences are catered for.

Find Optimal Room Temperature

Another important factor to consider when trying to stay cool at night is the temperature of your bedroom. Whilst you may choose to have a fan or air conditioning unit running through the night, this can actually be counterintuitive to getting a good night’s sleep.

Instead, aim to keep your bedroom at a moderate temperature, and focus on the perfect temperature for sleeping, ideally between 16-18°C. You can achieve this by keeping the curtains or blinds closed during the day to prevent the sun from heating up the room, using a fan to circulate cool air through the day, and wearing lightweight, breathable sleepwear.

Combine these steps with selecting a duvet that is ideal for summer use, and you should have very little problem developing the perfect sleeping conditions.

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to finding the ultimate duvet for the summer. This is something that you should be looking to make the most of as much as you can moving forward. There are so many excellent ideas that will help you to improve your sleeping process in the summer, and asking, ‘is a duvet too hot for summer?’ is a perfectly natural question.

You can get lightweight duvets that can help you to feel more comfortable, and will make a big difference to how well you are able to sleep. This is something that you have to try to make the most of as much as you possibly can.

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