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Is It Better to Buy a Duvet or a Quilt for Summer?


Warmer weather can only mean one thing for your bedding: it is time to upgrade the thick duvet that got you through a bitterly cold winter, to a lightweight, summer duvet instead!

As the temperature starts to rise, plenty of people wonder, is it better to buy a duvet or a quilt for summer?

In this article, we will discuss the ‘duvet vs quilt’ debate for the summer season, which we hope you find useful.

What is the difference between a duvet and a quilt?

You may believe that a duvet and a quilt are the same objects,  but think again!

A quilt is a blanket made using quilting techniques.

Typically, quilts have three layers of fabric, which are called the top, batting and bottom.

When the fabrics are stitched together to form the quilt, the stitches are usually based on a pattern or design. For instance, you can make your own patchwork quilt using scraps of fabric you have lying around the house, by cutting them into squares and quilting them together.

Sleeping under a quilt offer warmth and comfort, but they can also be used as decorative items- for instance, as a throw blanket, wall hanging, or runner for the dining table.

An age-old tradition for many families is to create a patchwork quilt using baby clothes, which can then be passed down across the generations as a wonderful family treasure.

Whereas, a duvet is a single-layered blanket, which requires a duvet cover. Duvets are typically filled with down, feathers, wool or synthetic fibres.

Duvets are much plainer looking than quilts, as they don’t have the vibrant colours and patterns often found in quilts.

With a duvet, you can choose different features that match your comfort and preference, for instance: thread count, fill material, and Tog rating.

It is fair to say that duvets are the most popular choice of bedding for the majority of people, as they are more useful and easy to care for. All you have to do is swap out the duvet covers and wash them regularly, while the duvet itself can be washed every 2 or 3 years, to keep it in good condition.

Is it better to buy a duvet or a quilt for summer?

So, is it better to buy a duvet or a quilt for summer?

We highly recommend choosing a lightweight summer, rather than a quilt.

Quilts can be heavier than duvets, because they have more weightier fabrics which are stitched together. On the other hand, summer duvets with light fillings are much more lightweight and comfortable, because they don’t feel top-heavy as you sleep. Having an overly heavy duvet will make you feel hot and stuffy at night, which is the last night you need when the temperature is already warm.

What’s more, summer duvets are designed specially to get you through boiling hot nights and peak allergy season. When you shop for summer duvets, you can find ones that are moisture-wicking, anti-allergenic and breathable. This allows you to sleep comfortably, even if you are sweating or suffering with nasty allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, or runny nose.

The main purpose of quilts is to be decorative or sentimental, which means they are less likely to keep you cool during hot summer nights.

Additionally, with duvets, you can choose the Tog scale rating that suits your body temperature at night, but most quilts don’t offer you this option.

As you can see, duvets are the superior choice for the summer season, in our humble opinion.

Choosing the correct duvet will make all the difference for a peaceful night’s sleep this summer.

Where can I buy a summer duvet?

As soon as June hits, and we start to see lovely sunshine and more daylight (and improved moods!), it is a great idea to sleep with a summer duvet. Summer duvets are lightweight, airy, and super breathable- because let’s face it, we all sweat a little bit during those hot, sweltering nights.

The summer of 2022 saw record-breaking temperatures as high as 40.3C in the UK, and we will continue to see heatwave weather like this in coming years. So, it is important to upgrade your bedding when those sweltering hot nights arrive, to keep yourself cool and safe during extreme weather conditions.

For the summer season, we recommend choosing a duvet between 1.0 to 4.5 togs, to get you through those hot nights, and you won’t overheat or feel stuffy.

If you need additional warmth, layer a blanket on top, which can be easily removed if you don’t need it.

Do you need a lightweight duvet to get you through the scorching hot summers? If so, why not take a look at our Summer Duvets Collection here at Bedding Comfort Store?

Ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 Tog, our Summer Duvets will keep you cool during those muggy nights, without compromising on the coverage you still need for sleep.

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Summer Duvet for Heat Wave Weather

With the summer of 2023 forecast to be even hotter than the heat wave of summer 2022, it is best to be prepared for this extreme heat phenomenon.

Why not go for our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet (1.5 Tog), which is one of the lightest summer duvets we offer?

Lofty and extremely breathable, this duvet will keep you super cool on the warmest nights.

You can wash this duvet up to 90°C, which makes it perfect for anyone who experiences hot flushes or night sweats. We have tested this duvet out over hundreds of wash cycles and it still looks crisp and fresh!

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Summer Duvet for Moderate Heat

British summer times are lovely, but they never fail to bring a chilly breeze with them, which can make you feel cold at night.

For such an occasion, we recommend our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

The breathability and loftiness of this duvet will help you stay cool, allowing you to sleep blissfully when the temperature soars.

This duvet is naturally hypoallergenic, but we have treated it with anti-mite and anti-bacterial growth, to fend off those allergens that cause sneezing, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat.

What’s more, the microfibre cover is soft and plush enough so you can use your new duvet without a cover (as many people do on the warmest nights).

Shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog here.

Luxury Summer Duvet

One of our most luxurious summer duvets is our 300 Thread Dobby White Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

This ultra-soft duvet feels divine on the skin, thanks to the 100% cotton cover and the sophisticated feel of the dobby pattern.

The high thread count makes it luxuriously soft, to the extent that you don’t even need a duvet cover if you want to stay even cooler during those boiling hot nights.

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How big is a 10.5 tog duvet?

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