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Affordable Soft Large Cushions for Sofas and Beds – Must Have 2023

Affordable Soft Large Cushions for Sofas and Beds
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Cushions offer an extra layer of comfort to your sofa and bed in terms of aesthetics and also literally. At Bedding Comfort Store we are happy to be a trusted and established provider when it comes to all things bedding and comfort! That is why in this blog we will be discussing our affordable soft large cushions for sofas and beds.

As we begin let us understand why someone may want or need a cushion, and what its benefits are.

Why are cushions needed?


A cushion can be the deciding factor on your level of comfortability in your bed or on your sofa. Cushions can be seen as small pillows, but aren’t necessarily made for the same function as a pillow. Cushions can be used for:

  • Aesthetic purposes – To use as an accessory by making a chair, sofa, or bed look more opulent, and decorative.
  • Comfort purposes – it can be used for neck support, lower back support, head support or leg elevation. It depends entirely on the size and how you choose to use it. It also serves the benefit of making chairs and sofas more pleasurable and comfortable to sit on.
  • Some people may find it easier to sleep using a cushion instead of a traditional pillow. Alternatively, people may sleep amongst their cushions and pillows as it makes them feel more comfortable than having a single pillow.

Can a baby have a cushion in their cot?


A baby can use a cushion to rest or play with, but not inside their cot. As we all know, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to overall general health, and for babies who have no established sleep cycle, it’s even more important. Babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day which shows you just how much your little bundle of joy is going to be spending time in their cot.

It is vital that their sleep is comfortable and safe, which in turn gives their parents peace of mind (and hopefully a few extra hours of sleep.) If you’re reading this, we’re guessing your toddler is at the age where their sleep environment needs altering. One thing to understand is that a cushion is not made for a cot, and is especially not made to be used as a pillow for a baby. Having a large cushion in a baby’s cot can lead to discomfort, uneven sleeping positions or even suffocation.

At Bedding Comfort Store we know you can’t rush a good night’s sleep and the same goes for toddlers too! We’ve come to understand that children can’t have cushions in their cot to sleep with, but you can consider transitioning your toddler to having a duvet and pillow in their cot depending on their age. In most cases, after the toddler is 12 months old you can consider an altered sleeping environment.

Your toddler generally has developed gross motor skills and fine motor skills, after 12 months old, but even so, we strongly recommend you don’t allow your child to be sharing their cot with a large cushion.

On the other hand, a child can actually use a cushion to indicate to you that they may need a pillow for their cot. A sign of a child being ready for a pillow is using other objects as a pillow, whether that be a piece of clothing, a stuffed animal, or a cushion.

For more information on Pillow and duvet options for your child’s cot, which are the better option as opposed to using a cushion, our blog will have the answers you are searching for.

As we continue we are going to be sharing some cushions that can bring a premium feel into your home for a fraction of the price.

Soft Touch Large Cushions for Sofas and Beds

The quickest way to add a sense of designer luxury to your sofa or bed is with our statement Soft Touch Large Cushions for Sofas and Beds.

Evoking a modern feel for any room they adorn; you won’t be able to resist snuggling up on these extremely comfortable accessories. These cushions look and act the part thanks to the soft microfibre covers and plush filling. Perfect for large Sofas, beds and snugs

They also scream opulence but without the expensive price tag to match, meaning you can add a contemporary feel to any home, no matter your budget. Add to a sofa, bed, or reading corner for an instant home upgrade and enjoy instant relaxation, without the worry of a premium price.

We offer options in 65 x 65 cm and also 80 x 80cm at extremely affordable prices.

Extra Fill Cushion Pads

If you have an old cushion that has seen better days or if you are crafting a beautiful cover for yourself, then our extra-fill cushion pads will add the perfect finishing touch.

Boasting a deep-filled, hollow fibre with easy to maintain polypropylene case, these cushion pads offer extreme comfort however they are used. The premium filling is also designed to not flatten or condense over time, ensuring you only need to pay out once for this durable product.

As a result, you will be extending the life-cycle of your cushion, saving you money and in a sense, recycling and reusing yours by offering new life to it with the use of the extra-fill cushion pads.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the zen feeling within your home, then our collection of comfort-ensuring accessories is ideal. Click here to browse our selection.


At Bedding Comfort Store, as our name would suggest, comfort is key. That is why when you buy cushions from us, you can rest assured that they are made for ultimate relaxation.

When considering what would make the best cushion for your needs, you should consider the three s’s: style, softness, and suitability. We are proud to confirm that our cushions for sale cover all three of these in abundance.

Whether you use it as an addition to your bed, as a scatter accessory on a sofa, or to adorn your favourite reading chair, all our designs are made from the finest materials and intended to last for a long time.

With a variety of sizes, fills and consistently low prices, our cushions will add a premium finish to the rooms they feature in, just without the premium price!

Click here to browse our cushion options.

How many cushions do I really need?


This question is completely subjective to your space, needs and your comfort. Having too few cushions can result in a lack of comfort, or have your home seem more minimalist than you had in mind. Having too few cushions can also prove to be a problem if any cushions need replacing immediately. You will have to wait until you buy some more.

Having too many cushions however can make their location seem too crowded, too many cushions can get uncomfortable for some people. If this is the case, those cushions may be put to the side, or on the floor, making them dirty. An abundance of cushions on a bed could also become cumbersome removing them all before sleep and placing them all back in the morning.

A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting cushions for sofas could be to have a cushion for each seat. So for example, if your sofa can seat 4 people, get 4 cushions. Of course be mindful of sizes too, getting a large cushion for a small chair may make that chair too uncomfortable, or harder to sit in.

How not to use cushions

To have your cushions last long it’s important to take care of them. Taking care of them can come in the form of:

  • Do not fold them in half and sit or lay on them, the crease could end up being permanent.
  • Do not use them as pillows, especially if not regularly washed, the sweat from your head will penetrate the fabrics and could cause bad smells or other problems down the line.
  • If it has become flat or out of shape after you sat against it. Be sure to correct it, this ensures the shape of the cushions will last longer.

We have the best cushions at the best prices

At Bedding Comfort Store, we sell duvets, pillows, bedding sets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, cushions, nursery bedding, fabric, upholstery & insulation and towels.

Click the respective links to purchase our extra fill cushion pads and cushions that we offer, In this article, we hope to have shown you large cushions for sofas and beds that we offer, alongside the benefits and uses of a cushion.

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