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When to Put a Duvet and Pillow in a Cot

When to Put a Duvet and Pillow in a Cot
When to Put a Duvet and Pillow in a Cot

As we all know, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to overall general health, and for babies who have no established sleep cycle, it’s even more important. Babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day which shows you just how much your little bundle of joy is going to be spending time in their cot.

It is vital that their sleep is comfortable and safe, which in turn gives them peace of mind (and hopefully a few extra hours of sleep.) If you’re reading this, we’re guessing your toddler is at the age where their sleep environment needs altering, or you may have a few questions in regards to when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot. Not to worry – we’re here to tell you all the things you should know for this crucial time in your toddler’s development.

Why and when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot?


At Bedding Comfort Store we know you can’t rush a good night’s sleep and the same goes for toddlers too! We’ve come to understand the most critical factor to consider when transitioning your toddler to having a duvet and pillow in their cot is their age. In most cases, after the toddler is 12 months old you can consider an altered sleeping environment. It’s around this time you can begin to know when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot.


Your toddler generally has developed gross motor skills and fine motor skills, and it is the safer option to introduce a new duvet and pillow in their cot because of their enhanced motor control, reducing the risk of Suffocation or SIDS.

We must highlight the fact that every toddler is different and grows at different rates. Please consider this when you are looking to change your toddler’s sleeping environment. For the safest course of action, please consult your toddler’s paediatrician to see if it is safe before deciding when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for your toddler.

Your toddler talks through actions, not words


Babies are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for! There are some signs your toddler may display that indicates when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for them. Sometimes these signs can just look like your toddler being cute, but your toddler may be trying to tell you something! Be extra aware when you see these signs, so you know when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for their comfort and sleep. Indications for a pillow are as follows:

  • Your toddler scrunches up blankets or clothing, or any soft item such as stuffed animals or cushions and uses them as a makeshift pillow.
  • Your toddler uses the pillows from your or their sibling’s beds etc.
  • Your toddler tosses and turns frequently in their sleep, or sleeps on their side often using their arm as support under their head, this is an indication that they do not have adequate head and neck support.

These signs that the toddler displays will most likely be because they need a pillow, but a regular pillow you and I use is far from suitable for a toddler, so here are some things to consider when looking for the right pillow for your little bundle of joy. So, if you want some extra hours of sleep tonight, continue reading!

What to consider when looking for pillows


How often should I keep it clean?

As we sleep, the sweat, oils and dust that is on our face get transferred to our pillows and pillowcase, (not to mention those pesky dust mites) considering a toddler will be sleeping more often than us, it’s really important to have a pillow that is easily cleaned. So, pillows with a polyester filling are the best option in terms of durability and ease of cleaning. All of our pillows come with microfibres, which are made from polyester. Making it easier for you to clean, in terms of how often it should be cleaned, it depends on how much your toddler sweats – once every 3-6 months is appropriate.

How well does it regulate heat?

Toddlers have not developed the level of heat regulation normal adults have, hence why toddlers are mostly wrapped up in layers, this gradually gets better as they age, but a toddler that’s too hot will wake up as much as a toddler that’s too cold (and they will let you know about it!)

You want to find a pillow with breathable materials and we at Bedding Comfort Store have that, so look no further. With a range of options including our Virgin Egyptian Cotton duvet and pillow set, along with our non-allergenic toddler pillows which are made to keep your toddler comfortable throughout the night, with temperature regulating materials and high-quality hollow-fibre filling, ensuring your little ones get the sleep they deserve with optimum breathability. Browse our Toddler’s Duvets & Pillow sets.

How big and firm should the pillow be?

A normal-sized pillow is going to be more detrimental to your toddler, as your toddler’s body has not grown into its proper proportions, the size comparison between the pillow and the toddler leads to a risk of suffocation, as well as inadequate neck and head support. So, we have to be very careful about what size pillow we choose. Our Pillows made for cots come in the optimum size and firmness with a variety of options that will suit your toddler’s needs.

What to consider when looking for duvets?


Similar to pillows, it is recommended that after the toddler is 12 months old, considerations can be made for introducing a duvet into your toddler’s cot, but again is subject to your toddler’s development. Please contact your toddler’s paediatrician regarding when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for them and alter their sleep environment. So, here are a few things to consider when picking a duvet.

Tog level

For duvets, the level of the tog is important, the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet. You may want a higher tog especially if you live in a cold environment, when your toddler is ready for a duvet, it’s best to start with a lower tog first and monitor their sleep and adjust with a higher tog accordingly if they are too cold. We at Bedding Comfort Store provide varying tog options for our duvet and your toddler’s comfort!

Duvet material

The duvet material is equally as important as the tog level when it comes to your toddler’s comfort, and knowing when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for them. for example, if they suffer from allergies sleep can be even more difficult, that’s why we have a range of anti-allergy and hypoallergenic duvets and pillows to make your toddler’s sleep even easier.

The cot mattress

Your toddler needs the right mattress to sleep properly, a firm mattress is ideal for a toddler as it reduces the risk of SIDS and suffocation, and the firmness of the mattress will also provide them with stability as they grow and eventually stand in their cot. At Bedding Comfort Store, we cover all aspects of sleep, including your toddler’s mattress. We provide two sizes but we also know accidents will happen, whether the nappy got loose or your toddler has had a bit too much milk to drink, we’ve got you covered that’s why we also have breathable soft-quilted waterproof mattress covers!

Is your toddler ready for a pillow and duvet in their cot?

We’ve shared with you the signs for when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for your toddler, all you need to know now is where you can find premium bedding for your toddler.

When you choose to invest in your toddler’s sleep with us, you can expect:

We at Bedding Comfort Store know that a proper night’s sleep is when everyone can rest easy, ensuring your toddler can get an undisturbed peaceful night’s rest so you can sleep just that little bit longer. We hope we’ve been able to give you some direction as to when to put a duvet and pillow in a cot for your toddler. Explore our toddler range now.

Got some more questions? Be sure to check out our blog page for all of your bedding queries.

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