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What Is a Winter Tog Duvet

What Is a Winter Tog Duvet?
What Is a Winter Tog Duvet?

There is no greater feeling than getting into bed on a cold winter’s day and feeling comforted and warmed by a thick, soft duvet coupled with luxurious bedding. But did you know you should change your duvet with the changing seasons for ultimate comfort?

Most people are unsure which duvet to choose for the time of year. The duvet tog measures the thermal insulation of a duvet. In the warmer summer, you will need a lighter, less insulated duvet with a lower tog. In the colder winter, you will need a thicker, more insulted duvet with a higher tog.

In this article, we discuss what a winter duvet is, the difference between this and a summer duvet, and other aspects to consider when purchasing a new duvet.

A guide to the duvet tog rating

To help you better understand the duvet tog rating, here is a clear explanation so you can choose the duvet and have a warm (but not too warm) night’s sleep.

Tog ratings range from around 2.5 to 15, depending on the retailer. In the summer months, you will need a lower-tog-rated duvet; in winter, you will need a higher-tog-rated one. The lower the rating, the less warm the duvet will keep you, so the higher the rating, the warmer it will keep you.

To summarise, the tog will help you to decide which duvet is best for winter and throughout the year. 

Should I use a 13.5 tog or 15 tog duvet for winter?

But which one should you choose? Here is our guide to choosing a 13.5 tog or 15 duvet to keep you warm in winter.

13.5 tog duvet

The 13.5 tog duvet is less insulated than the 15.5 tog duvet. Therefore, it will keep you cooler but is still a warm winter duvet. If you sweat a lot at night or have a high body temperature, the 13.5 tog duvet is perfect.

15 tog duvet

A 15 tog duvet will keep you warmer than the 13.5 tog, so it is ideal if you are usually cold at night and have a low body temperature or for people that live in older houses that are less well-insulated.

What is a good all-year-round duvet?

Not everyone likes to change their duvet throughout the year. Maybe you have limited storage space or a tight budget, or it isn’t at the top of your priority list. If this is you, then you need a good Goldilocks duvet that isn’t too hot or cold but just right all year round. 

The best all-season duvet is the 10.5 tog. The bedding comfort store is the UK’s leading bedding shop that sells a range of luxury duvets for every budget, including soft-touch duvets that are available from 1.5- 15 tog.

Here are some examples of the perfect 10.5 tog duvets for all-year-round comfort.

Virgin Egyptian Cotton All Seasons Duvet

This luxury cotton duvet is lofty and super breathable to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Most nights in Britain are neither hot nor warm; this is where our seasonal duvets come in.

So what makes this duvet luxurious? The cover is made from 100% cotton with a high thread count, which means it comprises fine cotton yarn and is packed with hundreds of threads into every square inch to create a luxurious duvet.

This high thread count creates a smoother, denser and more durable fabric. Also, this duvet has a hollowfibre filling, which is lighter than other alternatives and naturally hypoallergenic.

300 Thread Dobby White All Season Duvet

This all-season 10.5 tog duvet is a high-end masterpiece with a beautiful dobby design that will keep you warm and cosy. The Dobby White duvet is made on a dobby loom, giving it a subtle texture and softness.

It is filled with polyester hollowfibre specially chosen because it is air permeable, allowing air and moisture to pass through it. This is an essential characteristic of a good all-season duvet because it stops you from getting too hot.

Indulge in pure luxury with this Dobby duvet and enjoy the best night’s sleep from January to December.

Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic All-Season Duvet

This quality soft duvet is suitable for all seasons with its light and airy filling. It is breathable to help regulate temperature and is made from recycled polyester.

Additionally, this duvet is hypoallergenic, anti-mite and antibacterial and doesn’t need cleaning, so you can safely use it all year round without the fear of triggering your allergies.

Organic Feels Like Down Duvet

This organic cotton, double-stitched duvet makes sleep effortless. It is long-lasting due to bound edges and has a 230, 100% cotton thread count, made with double needles. This gives the duvet a beautiful decorative stitch and wavey channel pattern, creating a high-end duvet that looks and feels great.

The filling is 100% microfibre, mimicking the performance and feel of duck and goose down without the feathers of allergies.

Choosing a duvet for children

When choosing the best duvet for kids, remember that children need a different tog rating than adults throughout the year.

If your child is older than 12 months but less than 3 years, choose a duvet no higher than 4 togs, to keep them from overheating. If your child is over 3 years old and sleeping in a single bed, an excellent all-year-round duvet is 7 togs.

For children under 12 months, do not use pillows or duvets due to the suffocation risk.

Other factors to consider when buying a duvet.

The tog rating isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing the right duvet. Here are some other examples of what to look out for to get optimum comfort at night.

Duvet Filling

So, which duvet filling is best? Some people don’t even know that there are different types of duvet fillings; well, there are! Here is your guide to the most popular duvet fillings.

Natural Duvet Fillings

Natural fillings for duvets include down and feather, usually from geese and ducks, as well as wool. Natural duvet fillings have lots of excellent qualities. They’re great insulators and perfect for all-year-round duvets because of their breathability.

Synthetic Duvet Fillings

When comparing synthetic duvet fillings to natural fillings, they fall short. The most common synthetic duvet fillings are microfibre and hollowfibre. However, people who don’t like to use animal products, have allergies or don’t want to spend too much on a duvet opt for synthetic duvet fillings.

Hollowfibre is made from spun polyester, and it tends to be springy and lightweight, making it warm but breathable because it is less dense and more open in structure.

Microfibre is the closest synthetic filling to natural down; feels plump and fluffy. The more densely woven fibres are more suitable for the colder months as they are great insulators.

Household temperature

If you live in a newer house, it is likely to have excellent insulation. If you live in an older house, it is expected to have poor insulation, meaning you will need to choose a duvet tog depending on the average temperature of your home.

Body temperature

If you’re a warm sleeper that tends to overheat at night, choose a lighter tog duvet, and you can always top it up with blankets for the colder nights.

Bedding guide

Thicher bedding covers will lock in the heat more effectively, and certain materials retain heat better than others. Cotton bedding covers are always best as cotton is breathable and durable.

Silk is a natural thermal regulator, so silk bedding will help you maintain your body temperature through the night and keep you warm during winter and cool during the summer.

A final word on duvets

A winter duvet tog is between 13.5 and 15.5, so if you have a cold body temperature, an old house or like to be super warm, this duvet will be perfect for you.

But, if you don’t want to change your duvets throughout the year, a 10.5 tog duvet is a great all-rounder.

To find the perfect duvet,

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