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What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer?

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer
What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

With the spring months fast approaching, the time will soon come to think about switching out your bedding to suit the warmer weather. After all, the summer of 2022 saw an intense heatwave, with record-breaking temperatures as high as 40.3C in the UK.

As soon as that heat hits, nobody will want to carry on sleeping under their winter duvet and thick blankets. That is why it is important to consider upgrading your bedding with the seasons.

In this article, we will outline what is the lightest duvet for summer and offer our handy tips to give you a peaceful night’s sleep during the upcoming warmer weather.

What is the lightest duvet for summer?

When the warmer months arrive, a lighter duvet will help you cope with the heat, keeping you cool and calm.

Remember, the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. Therefore, for the summer season, it is best to use a duvet in the lower end of the Tog rating scale.

So, what is the lightest duvet for summer?

For the summer season, we recommend choosing a duvet between 1.0 to 4.5 togs, to get you through those hot nights, and you won’t overheat or feel stuffy.

If you need additional warmth, layer a blanket on top, which can be easily removed if you don’t need it.

Where can I buy a summer duvet?

Do you need a lightweight duvet to get you through the scorching hot summers? If so, why not take a look at our Summer Duvets Collection here at Bedding Comfort Store?

Ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 Tog, our Summer Duvets will keep you cool during those muggy nights, without compromising on the coverage you still need for sleep.

Below, we have highlighted some of our favourites in our Summer Duvets Collection, but you can browse the full range here:

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer
What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

This lovely duvet features a hollowfibre filling to make it incredibly light, airy and breathable.

There is also a luxurious organic cotton cover with a high thread count, made with thin cotton yarns woven tightly together, to create a smooth, durable fabric.

Naturally hypoallergenic, this duvet is ideal for people with allergies, asthma or skin conditions.

Shop our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet 1.5 Tog here.

This duvet is good enough for hotel guests, which means it is good enough for your home!

The polyester-cotton cover is puncture and fray resistant, with overlocked edges, so the filling can’t escape, or harbour bacteria.

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

Even though the materials are naturally hypoallergenic, we have gone one step further by treating the duvet for anti-allergy, anti-mite and anti-bacteria for superior hygiene.

The amazing thing about this duvet is that it is super easy to clean and take care of: we tested our hotel duvet over hundreds of wash cycles at 60°C and 90°C, and the duvet still looks as good as new!

Shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 3 Tog here.

The breathability and loftiness of this duvet will help you stay cool, allowing you to sleep well when the temperature soars.

This duvet is naturally hypoallergenic, but we have treated it with anti-mite and anti-bacterial growth, to fend off those allergens that cause sneezing, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat.

What’s more, the microfibre cover is soft and plush enough so you can use your new duvet without a cover (as many people do on the warmest nights).

Shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog here.

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer
What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

What is the best duvet tog for a child?

Babies under 12 months of age should not be given a duvet, heavy blanket, or bulky pillow, as this could put them at risk of suffocation.

For children over the age of 3, we recommend a duvet between 4.5 togs and 7.5 togs, depending on the season. During the summer months, a 7.5 tog duvet will be too hot for a child, so swap this out for a smaller Tog rating.

As your children grow older, you may have to make adjustments to their bedding, so that they are comfortable throughout all seasons. Look for the following key criteria in each duvet:

  • hypoallergenic duvet is a wonderful option for children, to prevent dust mites, bacteria and mould from entering their systems and help relieve them of sniffles and allergies.
  • A soft, lightweight duvet will be comfortable for the skin and prevent your child from overheating.

Children who are 3 years old or over should have a duvet with a tog rating of 4.5 or less. Young kids need a light duvet because they cannot yet regulate their body temperature.

mattress protector is also a good idea, to add a layer of protection to your child’s mattress.

Click here to shop our collection of Nursery Bedding, where we offer a range of bed accessories to allow your child to have the best night’s sleep.

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer
What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

Which tog duvet is best for hot sleepers for the summer?

A hot sleeper is someone who struggles to sleep at night because they tend to feel hot and stuffy. It may be difficult for them to cool down while they are in bed because they feel too warm and uncomfortable. They may suffer from hot flushes or night sweats, which can cause long-term sleep disruption. This may occur due to anxiety, menopause, low blood sugar, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), or as a side effect from a medication.

For hot sleepers, their duvet should be lightweight, breathable and airy. Their bedding items should have moisture-wicking properties, to allow moisture to escape easily and keep the body cool.

We would recommend a duvet measuring between 1.0 and 4.5 Togs for those boiling hot summer nights.

We would also advise hot sleepers to opt for natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, which are cooling, hypoallergenic and machine washable.

For example, our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 1.0 Tog is a great choice if you are a hot sleeper.

The lightest duvet in our summer collection, it is lofty, airy and extremely breathable, making it ideal for those of us who struggle to stay cool at night time.

Available in single, double, king and super king sizes, this duvet will provide a blissful night’s sleep, without breaking the bank.

Shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 1.0 Tog here.

Click here to browse our Summer Duvets collection.

What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer
What Is the Lightest Duvet for Summer

How do I keep cool during hot summers?

British summer heat is fantastic for fun, games and relaxing. However, the nights tend to be stuffy and uncomfortable, as most of us don’t have air conditioning installed in our bedrooms.

So, what is the best way to keep cool at night?

Follow our hacks below:

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