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What Is the Most Breathable Duvet Material?

What Is the Most Breathable Duvet Material?
What Is the Most Breathable Duvet Material?

Whether you experience allergies or night sweats, or you are a hot sleeper, then you would benefit from a breathable duvet to keep you cool this summer.

You may be wondering, what is the most breathable duvet material?

What Tog duvet should I buy for summer?

If you didn’t know already, duvets are rated on the Tog rating scale, which runs from 1.0 Togs, all the way to 16.5 Togs. This is a measure of how well the duvet insulates heat. Essentially, the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

For the summer season, we recommend choosing a duvet which measures between 1.0 Togs and 4.5 Togs. The duvets in this Tog range will be lightweight and cooling, offering you great comfort on those hot nights.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Summer Duvet

When shopping for a duvet for the summer season, consider the following factors:

  • On the lower end of the Tog rating scale: avoid choosing a duvet ranking in the higher end of the Tog rating scale, as these offer the most insulation, thus making them more suited for bitterly cold winters.
  • Material Type: choose a lightweight duvet for the summer, but a thicker one for the colder months.
  • Breathability: your summer duvet should wick moisture away and prevent you from overheating at night.
  • Anti-allergenic: your duvet should be hypoallergenic, to keep those pesky allergens at bay and stop you from sneezing, coughing and having a runny nose due to dust mites.
  • Easy to clean: so, you can toss it easily in the washing machine and keep it fresh and clean.

What is the most breathable duvet material?

So, what is the most breathable duvet material?

1. Cotton

Number one on our list of most breathable duvet materials is cotton.

Cotton has many properties which make it perfect for keeping you cool at night: it is lightweight, breathable, absorbent, and can withstand heat- all of which are qualities which support airflow. In other words, air can easily pass through the natural fibres of cotton, so any moisture in the environment will wick away from your body and allow the heat to escape easily.


2. Bamboo

Another breathable duvet material is bamboo. Bamboo bedding is derived from bamboo fibres, which do not require irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers to grow– which makes bamboo bedding an environmentally-friendly choice!

What makes bamboo an ideal summer bedding choice is its anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating properties, which will keep you ultra-cool at night.

Interestingly, bamboo bedsheets absorb much more moisture than cotton, up to 300% of its weight, in fact. This means you won’t wake up drenched in a pool of sweat after a sweltering hot night.

Bamboo Trees
Silk Sheet

Where can I buy a summer duvet?

Are you looking for a lightweight, airy duvet, to help you sleep soundly during the summer season?

Well, here at Bedding Comfort Store, we offer a Summer Duvets Collection, which is designed for use during warm, stuffy weather. 

Ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 Tog, our Summer Duvets will keep you cool during those muggy nights, while offering the warmth you need as you sleep.

Click here to browse our Summer Duvets Collection.

Summer Duvet for Heat Wave Weather

Remember how scorching the heat wave of summer 2022 was? Temperatures soared as high as 40.3 °C in the UK, which was so dangerous that it caused a surge in fires and cancelled rail services due to overheated tracks and failed overhead cables.

In 2023, we are likely to experience an even hotter summer, thanks to climate change.

So, what is an ideal duvet to cope with extreme heat?

Well, we recommend our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (1.5 Tog).

This duvet is one of the lightest duvets we offer. It feels extremely cool and airy, with its soft microfibre cover that doesn’t even require a duvet cover!

We have tested this duvet out during boiling temperatures, and we are pleased to report that we slept comfortably through the night!

Shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (1.5 Tog) here.


Duvet for Moderate Heat

We are all familiar with British summertime weather. The days are gloriously warm enough for ice cream and cold drinks, but the evenings bring a chilly breeze which calls for a jacket that we somehow forget to take with us outside!

We have the perfect duvet for such an occasion. Our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog) has high breathability and lovely airiness, which will cool you down on hot nights.

Thanks to the high thread count and organic cotton cover, this duvet feels luxuriously soft on the skin.

Shop our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog) here.

Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet

What is the best duvet for night sweats?

Night sweats or hot flashes can cause disruption to your sleep. That is why the correct duvet can help you sleep more comfortably.

We would advise choosing a lightweight, machine-washable duvet, such as our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet (1.5 Tog).

This is a high-quality duvet, which is light, super-soft, and easy to take care of.

We have cleaned this duvet on hundreds of wash cycles at 60°C and 90°C and each time, it stays a crisp white, looking as good as new!

You won’t feel stuffy and uncomfortable during the night with this duvet, because it is highly breathable, with excellent airflow and loftiness.

The duvet is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and plush to sleep on!

Shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet (1.5 Tog) here.

Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable All Seasons Duvet 7.5 Tog.

Do I need to change my duvet for winter?

During the winter season, it is wise to switch out your summer bedding, for a warmer set which will keep you super insulated.

In recent years, the winter season has been bitterly cold, with temperatures dropping as low as –17.3C.  After the summer season ends, and we start getting freezing cold weather, you won’t feel warm enough if you carry on using your summer duvets.

For the winter season, we recommend using a duvet which measures between 13.5 to 15 Togs, for complete comfort during the colder months.

Is there a duvet I can use all year round?

Are you looking for a multifunctional duvet to last you through all four seasons?

Then, you need a duvet from our All Seasons Duvets collection.

One of our favourites is our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable All Seasons Duvet (7.5 Tog).

This versatile duvet is good enough for hotel guests, so it is good enough for your home!

Designed to last for years to come, this all-season duvet will give you a healthy balance of warmth and coolness, all year around. It is toasty warm enough to keep you insulated in the colder months, but lightweight and airy enough to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Click here to shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable All Seasons Duvet (7.5 Tog).

Shop our All Seasons Duvets collection here.

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