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What Pillows Do They Use in 5 Star Hotels?

What Pillows Do They Use in 5 Star Hotels?
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What Pillows Do They Use in 5 Star Hotels?

Staying in a luxury hotel can be a fantastic experience, not least because of the comfort of the beds, so it’s no wonder people instantly start looking for ways they can replicate this experience in their own homes. 5-star hotels use some of the best pillows available, with expensive materials providing optimum comfort. That’s why we’re looking at how 5-star hotels choose their pillows, the best pillows you can get, and how to choose the right pillow for you.

What Pillows Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

It’s difficult to cater to everyone’s tastes when running a hotel, so every detail, especially what pillows guests use, is crucial in order to please as many people as possible. What’s more, we all sleep in different positions so hotel pillows have to be very versatile in order to satisfy the majority of people; many of us toss and turn overnight, so medium firmness is ideal.

That’s why some hotels, like Marriott, use their own brand of pillows, which you also buy online. This can be expensive, however, and if you’re looking to get the most comfortable night’s sleep you can, choosing the pillow that best suits you is the right way to go.

While Marriott offers a whopping 13 pillows in its stores, most are decorative, although the “Marriott Pillow” is their best-seller. This pillow, made from 70% goose down and 30% Lyocell fibre, also has duck feathers, is hypoallergenic and machine-washable, making it an ideal choice for 5-star hotels, but not necessarily the best for everyone at home. If you’ve slept on one of these pillows and want to replicate the experience in your own home, you’re sure to find something in our featured pillows that suits your sleeping style as well as your budget.

Why Do Hotel Pillows Feel Better?

While generally opting for medium-firm pillows, hotels often have very fluffy pillows to allow your head to sink into them and support your neck on all sides. The fluffiness comes from a mix of feather or down fillings or synthetic alternatives to ensure they don’t irritate allergies, however, the main secret to hotel pillows’ comfort is that they use durable materials that will spring back to shape after regular washes. Regular washing makes them feel plumper, softer and much more comfortable to sleep on than our own pillows which many people neglect when changing their bedding.

In addition, the general advice is that you should replace your pillow every 1 to 2 years in your home, however, hotels will replace their pillows much more regularly, sometimes every few months.

Best Pillow Fillings

Great pillows are a blend of materials to gain the benefits of each one, however, some are purely synthetic or one type of feather, depending on the requirements of the individual.

There are various types of materials to choose from, including:

  • Synthetic materials
  • Down
  • Feathers

Foam and synthetic materials of course make vegan-friendly pillows as there are no animal products involved, but they’re also made with hypoallergenic materials to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for those who suffer with allergies and sensitive skin.

Hollowfibre is particularly popular, as it’s lightweight, soft and machine-washable making it ideal for most people, regardless of their sleeping position. With hollowfibre as a pillow filling, you can also change the firmness by adjusting the amount of material within the pillow, so when you choose an essential pillow, you can decide which firmness you require for the perfect sleep.

Down is a popular filling with 5-star hotels, as they’re super soft, thick and traditional, which adds to their great price, but they require down-proof covers, to ensure a peaceful sleep for people with allergies.

Are Down or Feather Pillows Better?

Goose down pillows regularly top lists of the best pillows available due to the ultra-soft feel paired with a comfortable firmness that provides a great deal of support, especially for back and side sleepers. What’s more, feathers and down are naturally insulating yet moisture-wicking, so they can remove the moisture from sweat and release it to keep you cool.

These natural benefits as well as the rarity, make goose down pillows some of the most expensive.

Feathers are slightly less insulating and not as soft as down as they come from the outer wings; this also means they have quills that can poke out of the pillow and irritate the person sleeping, so while they’re cheaper than down pillows, unless you sleep on your front, down pillows are better for most people than feather pillows.

Most Comfortable Pillows

Choosing the best pillow for you depends on what kind of pillow makes you most comfortable and what position you sleep in. If you’re pregnant and looking for a pillow to help support your body to get a restful night, there are also specific maternity pillows available.

Hard Pillow Benefits

Hard pillows, or firm pillows, are the best option for back sleepers, side sleepers and combination sleepers, as the firmness of the pillow provides sufficient neck support.

If you’re suffering from neck pain, there are orthopaedic pillows on the market which tend to be firmer in order to support the neck while sleeping, so if you’re noticing some neck stiffness or aching, you might want to look into purchasing a firm pillow.

Memory foam, microfibre and dense hollowfibre pillows can be excellent choices, however, they can retain a lot of heat, so hot sleepers would require a cooling pillow cover, such as cotton or bamboo.

Soft Pillow Benefits

We all want optimum comfort and softness from our pillows but it shouldn’t be at the expense of neck support. If you’re a front sleeper, soft, feather pillows are the best option as they are comfortable and flatten down easily so your head isn’t raised which would cause neck pain.

Down pillows are the softest pillows and the most expensive as they are preferred by many people, however, if you roll around at night or want some neck support, a medium-firm pillow is your best choice. You can use two soft pillows instead to offer you more support, although depending on how restless you are, this might be impractical.

Are Expensive Pillows Worth It?

Since most of us tend to spend an average of 8 hours and 28 minutes sleeping every day, getting comfortable bedding that will allow you to rest and recover each night is crucial to our health. Price doesn’t always ensure quality, however, and there’s no point wasting money on an expensive pillow that doesn’t support your neck and head in the right way.

For the best night’s sleep for you, consider your sleeping position, whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper and what your budget is. You can find a number of quality pillows that are sure to lead to a peaceful slumber, such as Dobby Design pillows, that replicate the feeling of down, without provoking allergies. 

How To Get 5-Star Hotel-Quality Sleep

At Bedding Comfort Store, we know how crucial a good night’s sleep is. If you’ve got neck or back pain, are pregnant or simply struggle to get comfortable at night, then it’s time you invested in the right pillow for you and your sleeping style. Check out our selection of quality pillows today so you can have a 5-star sleep.

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