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What Tog Duvet Is Coolest?


As we head into the spring months, you may be thinking of upgrading your bedding to reflect the warmer weather we should be expecting soon. It is important to keep yourself comfortable in the spring and summer seasons, as you don’t want to feel too hot underneath your heavy duvet that kept you toasty warm throughout a freezing cold winter.

Are you wondering, what tog duvet is coolest? Well, we will outline the answer to this question in this article, which we hope you find useful.

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What does Tog rating mean?

The tog rating refers to the measure of the thermal insulation of a duvet, which tells you how effectively the duvet keeps you warm.

Essentially, the tog rating measures the duvet’s ability to trap warm air. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet is. The tog rating scale goes from 1 to 16.5 togs.

What tog duvet is coolest?

So, on the tog rating scale, what tog duvet is coolest?

The answer is: 1.0 tog duvets! This is the lowest possible tog rating that a duvet can be available in. It will keep you cool during those hottest, heatwave-weather nights!

1.0 tog duvets are also suitable for hot sleepers, who experience hot flushes or night sweat during their sleep.

Where can I buy a 1.0 tog duvet?

Here at Bedding Comfort Store, we offer 1.0 tog duvets, for those people who need the coolest possible duvet.

One of our lowest-maintenance 1.0 tog duvets is our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet (1.0 Tog). This lightweight, but durable duvet is soft on the skin, and designed to last for years.

No need to panic if this duvet gets damp with sweat, moisture, bodily fluids or spillages at night. This duvet is called ‘supremely washable’ for a reason- it can be washed up to 90°C.

Even though the 50-50 polyester cotton cover is naturally hypoallergenic, we have also treated this duvet for anti-mite and anti-bacterial, for ultimate hygiene.

Click here to shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet (1.0 Tog).

What tog duvet is best for spring?

When spring arrives, it is a good idea to switch out your winter duvet and choose a cooler one instead.

For the spring months, we recommend choosing a duvet between 1.0 togs and 7.5 togs. These are lightweight enough to keep you cool as the weather warms up, without compromising on the coverage you will need at night.

A wonderful duvet for spring is our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

Made with a hollowfibre filling for a lofty feel, this duvet feels extremely cool, airy and breathable.

We have tested this duvet out on the muggiest nights, and we are pleased to report that we slept comfortably throughout the soaring temperatures!

Click here to shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

What tog duvet is best for summer?

As soon as June hits, and we start to see lovely sunshine and more daylight (and improved moods!), it is a great idea to sleep with a summer duvet.

Summer duvets are lightweight, airy, and super breathable- because let’s face it, we all sweat a little bit during those hot, stuffy nights.

The summer of 2022 saw record-breaking temperatures as high as 40.3C in the UK, and we will continue to see heatwave weather like this in coming years. So, it is important to upgrade your bedding when those sweltering hot nights arrive, to keep yourself cool and safe during extreme weather conditions.

For the summer season, we recommend choosing a duvet between 1.0 to 4.5 togs, to get you through those hot nights, and you won’t overheat or feel stuffy.

If you need additional warmth, layer a blanket on top, which can be easily removed if you don’t need it.

Do you need a lightweight duvet to get you through the scorching hot summers? If so, why not take a look at our Summer Duvets Collection here at Bedding Comfort Store?

Ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 Tog, our Summer Duvets will keep you cool during those muggy nights, without compromising on the coverage you still need for sleep.

Click here to browse the full range of our Summer Duvets Collection.

One of our favourite summer duvets is our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

It boasts a luxurious organic cotton cover with a high thread count, to create a smoother, denser, and more durable fabric. The hollowfibre filling makes this duvet incredibly light, airy and breathable.

Shop our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog) here.

What is an all-seasons duvet?

An all-seasons duvet is a type of duvet which is suitable for all 12 months of the year- meaning you won’t have to switch out your duvet for a warmer or cooler duvet, when winter and summer hit.

We offer a selection of All Seasons Duvet, which boast breathable fabric that are cool enough to keep you comfortable during warmer temperature, but will provide insulation for colder times.

We recommend our Organic Cotton Feels Like Down All Seasons Duvet (10.5 Tog).

This ultra-soft duvet feels divine to sleep in. It is lightweight, anti-allergenic, and has bound edges, so the microfibre filling can’t escape.

What makes this duvet special? It has a 230 thread count, 100% cotton cover, made with double needles. This gives it a decorative stitch with wavy channel patterns, creating a high-end duvet that looks as luxurious as it feels.

The filling is 100% microfibre, which mimics the feel and performance of goose and duck down, without actually using the feathers and allergens. This makes the duvet perfect for lovers of down bedding – it feels very similar, with excellent loftiness and airiness, yet it’s 100% cruelty-free!

Click here to shop our Organic Cotton Feels Like Down All Seasons Duvet (10.5 Tog).

Browse our collection of All Seasons Duvets here.

What duvet is good for night sweats?

If you experience night sweats, then we would advise choosing one of our Summer Duvets, on the lower end of the Tog rating scale.

Our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 3 Tog is a premium duvet which offers comfort, breathability, and cooling properties during those hot nights.

This duvet is good enough for hotel guests, which means it is good enough for your home!

The polyester-cotton cover is puncture and fray resistant, with overlocked edges, so the filling can’t escape, or harbour bacteria.

The amazing thing about this duvet is that it is super easy to clean and take care of: we tested our hotel duvet over hundreds of wash cycles at 60°C and 90°C, and the duvet still looks as good as new!

Shop our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 3 Tog here.

How do you wash a duvet?

Firstly, check the care label on your duvet, to identify whether it is machine washable.

Before placing your duvet in the washing machine, you may find it helpful to pre-treat any stains, by applying distilled vinegar onto the stain.

If your duvet is machine washable, then simply place it in the washing machine, in a separate load from other items in your laundry. Wash the duvet on a gentle spin cycle, using the warm water setting.

After the duvet has been washed, allow it to dry fully. You can do this by hanging it outside, in the fresh air, or in a well-ventilated spot indoors.

Avoid drying your wet duvet on a radiator, as this creates moisture which could encourage the growth of mould in your home. Mould and mildew can be harmful for your health because they can trigger allergy flare-ups, cause asthma attacks, and worsen respiratory illnesses.

If you have a king size duvet or super king size duvet, this may not fit inside your household washing machine. In this case, you would have to take your duvet to be washed at a launderette, which has larger washing machines with extra-large capacity.

How to hand wash a duvet

  • Check the duvet’s care label to see if hand washing is acceptable.
  • Fill your bath tub with warm water and sprinkle in mild laundry detergent.
  • Place the duvet into the bathwater.
  • Gently knead the duvet with your hands, to clean the dirt away.
  • Don’t scrub or wring the duvet harshly, as this can wrinkle the material or damage the filling inside.
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  • Drain the bathwater and give the duvet a final rinse.
  • Roll and un-roll the duvet to squeeze the excess water out.
  • Allow the duvet to dry fully, outdoors in the fresh air, before using or storing it.
  • As you are drying the duvet, check that the filling has not been re-distributed to different parts of the duvet.

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