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What Tog Duvet Is the Lightest?

What Tog Duvet Is the Lightest?
What Tog Duvet Is the Lightest?

What Are Duvet Tog Ratings?

So, everyone might have heard of tog ratings before when discussing bedding but that does not mean you will know what that means.

Tog is actually an acronym that stands for Thermal Overall Grade.

The tog rating is the way in which the thermal insulation of a duvet is measured. This tells you how well the duvet will keep you warm when you are sleeping.

The tog rating basically refers to how well a duvet can trap the warmth underneath it.

The lower the tog rating the less effective the duvet will be at keeping you warm. The higher the tog rating the more effective the duvet will be.

Tog ratings go from 1 up to 16.5 togs.

We split our duvets into seasons to help you navigate this.

For summer we recommend 1.5 – 4.5 tog. For winter we recommend 13.5 – 15 tog.

We also have all seasons duvets that range from 7.5 – 10.5 tog.

Does a Higher Tog Rating Mean a Thicker Duvet?

A higher tog rating does generally mean a thicker duvet, however, this is not always the case as this will only work when you are comparing duvets that have the same filling inside.

Different fillings have different thermal qualities and this means that where you might have two duvets one 10.5 tog and one 7.5 tog. You might assume that the 10.5 tog duvet would be thicker but if the 10.5 tog duvet were made with hollow fibre and the 7.5 tog duvet were made with down the opposite could actually be true.

A thicker duvet does not necessarily mean a warmer one.

Quilt or Duvet?

Duvets and quilts are actually very different, despite what you may think.

A duvet is a single-layered blanket and needs to have a duvet cover over it. As a result of this duvets are usually much plainer than quilts.

Duvets can have varying types of filling including feathers, wool, synthetic fibres and down.

Quilts are also a type of blanket but they are made using quilting techniques. They have three layers of fabric which are referred to as the top, the batting and the bottom. These layers are then stitched together normally following some sort of pattern.

Quilts are really heavy compared to duvets making them much hotter and less versatile. Overall they can be really cosy and warm but are not usually seen as a great alternative to a duvet.

With duvets, there is so much more variety. You can choose the filling, the cover, the duvet cover, the tog rating if it is hypoallergenic and so much more.

Ultimately the best choice is a duvet you will ultimately have so much more choice.

If you want lighter a duvet is your best bet!

Pile Of Coloured Duvets

Different Duvets for Different Seasons


In spring the weather begins to get slightly warmer again, which means you might want to consider swapping out your duvet for something cooler.

For the spring you will want something more lightweight that will stop you from overheating as the weather changes without compromising having the cover you want while you sleep.

This is why we recommend a duvet that is between 1.0 and 7.5 togs for spring.

A great choice of duvet for spring is our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

This duvet is made with a hollowfibre filling making it feel extremely cool, airy and breathable.

This duvet has been tested on the muggiest nights, and we are pleased to report that we slept comfortably throughout the soaring temperatures!

Click here to shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).


Summer is great and we all love it when the weather really starts to warm up and we can enjoy spending more time outside. At night though summer can be difficult, especially if you are a hot sleeper.

In 2022’s summer we saw insanely high temperatures as high as 40.3C here in the UK and the rise in hot weather will likely continue in the future.

This is why we recommend getting a duvet especially for summer.

A lightweight and breathable duvet will make a world of difference to you and you will find your sleep improved. All the better to have the energy to enjoy the sun when it is up again.

For summer months we recommend using a duet that has between 1.0 and 4.5 togs to avoid feeling too hot and stuffy overnight.

Duvet And Pillows

We have compiled a list of what we think are some of our best summer duvets.

  1. In our Luxury Hotel Collection, we have the Supremely Washable Duvet Tog 3. This premium duvet is breathable and has cooling properties.

The cover is made with polyester cotton which is resistant to frays and punctures. It has overlocked edges so there is no chance of the duvet harbouring bacteria or escaping out.

The materials of this duvet are all already naturally hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic duvets are ideal for those with allergies, skin problems or asthma. We doubled down on this by treating the duvet for anti-mite, anti-allergy and anti-bacteria to make sure it is super hygienic.

The Supremely Washable Duvet Tog 3 as it claims in the name is extremely easy to clean as we found that over hundreds of wash cycles at 60°C and 90°C the duvet still looks as fresh as when it was made.

Click here to have a look.

  1. Another great duvet for summer is the Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog. This duvet offers a loftiness and breathability that will keep you cool.

The cover of this duvet is made with microfiber. Microfibre is very soft and many people opt to use it without a duvet cover which is a great option.

This duvet is also naturally hypoallergenic as well as having been treated with anti-mite and anti-bacterial growth.

Shop our Quality Soft Touch Anti-Allergenic Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog here.

  1. Another duvet with the same tog rating is the Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog).

This duvet has an organic cotton cover with a high thread count. This creates a more durable, denser fabric.

The filling of this duvet is hollowfibre which makes it really breathable and light.

Shop for this duvet by clicking here.

  1. Finally we have one of our lightest duvets, The Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet 1.5 Tog.

This duvet is filled with hollowfibre which makes it airy and light. It is cooling making it perfect for hot nights or sweaty sleepers.

The cover is an organic cotton cover with a high thread count creating a wonderfully smooth and durable fabric.

This duvet like some of the others is made from materials that make it naturally hypoallergenic.

Shop our Virgin Egyptian Cotton Summer Duvet 1.5 Tog here.

Unmade Bed

All seasons duvets

All seasons duvets are perfect for all year round. They are made to be suited to all 12 months with fabrics warm enough to keep you insulated but not so insulated you will become stuffy when it gets warmer.

An all-seasons duvet means that you do not have to worry about changing your duvet with the weather.

There are so many reasons why this is great. Affording multiple duvets can seem silly to some and others may not have the storage space for it. If nothing else it can save a job when the seasons change.

Our recommendation is our Organic Cotton Feels Like Down All Seasons Duvet which is 10.5 Tog.

This duvet has a 100% cotton cover with a 230 thread count. It is made with double needles giving it a lovely decorative stitch with leave a wavy pattern across the material.

It is anti-allergenic and has bound edges so that the 100% microfibre filling is unable to get out.

Microfibre mimics how goose and duck down feel without any actual feathers or triggering any allergies.

If you love the feel of down but want to go cruelty and allergen free this is the way to do it.

Click here to shop our Organic Cotton Feels Like Down All Seasons Duvet (10.5 Tog).

What Tog Duvet Is Best for All Seasons?

What is the best duvet?

The best all-around filling is definitely hollowfibre. Microfibre however is the best filling for that lofty feeling. Polycotton and cotton covers can go really wonderfully with these.

Honestly, the ‘best’ duvet ranges from person to person. Take some time and consider whether are you a hot sleeper or a cold one. Are you going to change your duvet every season?

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