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Nursery Bedding

When Can Babies Start Using Bedding?

When Can Babies Start Using Bedding?
When Can Babies Start Using Bedding?

Sleep is one of the most important parts of life, and something that you need to consider as much as possible. There are so many factors that go into having a productive and refreshing sleeping pattern, and this is as important for babies and children as it is for adults. And this is why you need to be able to develop the perfect sleeping routine for babies.

You need to try to focus on some of the key elements that are going to allow you to make the most of this. And there are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when it comes to boosting bedtime for a baby. There are loads of excellent factors that you need to think about when trying to make this work for you. You need to know how to develop your baby’s sleeping routine that works for them as much as possible, and knowing when they can start using bedding is a key part of this as well.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the important things to consider when it comes to choosing your baby’s nursery bedding, and transitioning them to the use of bedding. This is something that can make a massive difference to your role as a parent, and our guide can help you improve this.

Prepping for Baby’s Bedtime

Prepping for Baby’s Bedtime

Prepping for baby bedtime is one of the most important things that you can make the most of as a parent. This is key for allowing your baby to get the rest it needs, and you need to make sure that the room and environment is perfect for the baby being able to get as much sleep as possible. There are a number of steps that you can take that will help you to achieve this, and it’s something that you need to focus on as much as possible.

There are plenty of ways to prepare your baby for sleep, and one of the things you need to do to help with this is to ensure that the temperature of the room is perfect. You also need to ensure the room is dark enough for baby to sleep, and that there is any necessary background noise, such as white noise, that will aid with this process as well.

Sorting Out a Baby Cot

Sorting out a baby cot is one of the best ways of being able to improve your child’s sleeping environment, and this is something that you need to try to get right as much as you possibly can. There are so many ideas that can help you with this, and safety is the biggest factor to consider here. You need to be investing in a cot that is safe and secure, and will protect your child at all times.

The cot needs to be clean, and comfortable, with a soft cot mattress and mattress protector to help your baby feel comfortable and and safe as much as possible. If your baby is very little and under a year, you have to ensure that nothing is placed in the cot at sleep time. This means no bedding, pillows, cushions, or soft toys that could become safety hazards.

Can Babies Use Blankets and Pillows?

Babies can sleep up to 18 hours per day, so it is essential to make sure you give them the perfect conditions to sleep in that will help them to get the rest they need. And this means understanding whether babies can use blankets and pillows, and at what age it is appropriate to introduce bedding for your baby? This is an important decision to get right, and vital for the ongoing health and well-being of your baby.

Babies can use blankets and pillows once they hit 12 months old and become toddlers. This is when you can consider an alternative sleeping environment, and they can safely go to bed with bedding in their cot. This is when you can visit Bedding Comfort Store and make full use of our range of amazing duvets with different tog options.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is one of the biggest factors when you are choosing the right sleeping conditions for your baby, and this also translates to choosing the ideal bedding as well. There are so many things that play a role in this, and being able to choose the right bedding to help your baby be safe, secure, and snug at bedtime is essential. This is why you should visit Bedding Comfort Store and check out our range of bedding that would be perfect for toddlers.

In addition to making your bedding safe, you also need to make sure the room is secure, and decide whether you’ll be reusing the cot mattress, and that there are no issues that pose risks to your bundle of joy having the perfect sleeping experience as much as possible. Creating a safe and happy space for your child is essential for helping your baby to sleep better.

Where to Buy Baby Bedding

Where to Buy Baby Bedding

Buying the right bedding for your baby or toddler is really important, and whether it’s a new cot mattress or cot bed fitted sheets, or you’re investing in a pillow and duvet set for your toddler, this is something you have to work on. There are so many factors that play a role in this, and you need to understand the best ways of being able to achieve this to make the right decisions for your child.

Whether you’re buying your baby cot mattress or you are looking to get other types of bedding, it is important to understand some of the best options out there for baby bedding. You can buy online, or visit a bedding store, and Bedding Comfort Store is the leading choice for you.

Moving from a Cot to a Bed

Moving from a cot to a bed is a natural transition that occurs over time, and is something that you will need to prepare for with your child. Once your baby becomes a toddler, you are going to be thinking about transitioning them from the cot to their own bed, and this can feel like a scary step in terms of how they might fare with sleeping. It can be a big change, and one that might take some getting used to over time, but you can use a few tips to help you with this transition:

  • Have quiet time before bed
  • Let them climb into bed themselves
  • Be positive throughout
  • Reward them for good bedtime
  • Choose a toddler friendly bed
  • Stock up on Bedding Comfort Store duvet and pillow sets
  • Try out naps first

By getting this transition right, there are so many ways you can benefit, and your child’s sleep will be very much improved as a result. This is something that can make a world of difference to the bedtime experience, and will allow you to improve this process as much as possible.

Why You Should Check Out Bedding Comfort Store

Bedding Comfort Store is the leading name in comfortable and top-quality bedding for your child, and we have an amazing range of different options for you to choose from. If you are seeking quality, value for money, and elite level bedding, you have come to the right place. There are so many different options you can choose from here, such as our Jersey cotton knitted baby-toddler duvet set, or our range of stunning nursery bedding.

We also have a stunning range of amazing hotel-quality pillows that you can invest in for your toddler, that are bound to enhance and improve the sleeping experience. We have a great range of reliable and high-value bedding that you can invest in today. Get in touch with our team, and start to realise your bedding dreams right now!

Why You Should Check Out Bedding Comfort Store


There are so many factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to improving your baby’s sleep routine. Understanding when they can start to use bedding, as well as when to change baby’s bedding, is an important step in transitioning, and allowing you to improve sleep time. Whilst there is no official age at which it is deemed 100% safe to use bedding, 12 to 18 months is believed to be the accepted age range. Once this approaches, make sure you head to Bedding Comfort Store to get the bedding you need to improve your baby’s life.

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