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Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy?

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

Snuggling into a fluffy comforter is an unbeatable feeling- especially if you have forked out for a lovely hotel room while you are travelling!

Hotels are indeed one of the biggest consumers of comforters, as they have to buy and replace them regularly for each guest bedroom. The global market for comforters is expected to reach a staggering $790.3 million by the year 2032, which shows the ever-increasing demand for the bedding item.

Have you ever wondered, why are hotel comforters so fluffy? Well, we will discuss this question in this article, which we hope you find useful.

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What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick, quilted blanket, which sits on top of your bed sheet. It is ideal for keeping you warm and insulated during the winter, while also being breathable enough to prevent overheating during the hotter months.

Comforters usually have square compartments sewn together, which help keep the filling inside. The filling is typically made of soft fibres such as down, cotton, wool, silk, polyester, or a down alternative.

The colour of comforters is usually white, but they are available in different colours and designs.

Comforters are different from duvets. A duvet requires a duvet cover and has a higher fill power than a comforter; whereas, a comforter is just one piece of bedding that is ready to go, without a duvet cover needed.

A comforter is also different to a blanket. A blanket is just one layer of fabric, which might shift around if you fall asleep under one. In contrast, a comforter has three layers: a front and back layer, with a layer of insulation in between.

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

Why are hotel comforters so fluffy?

A good hotel will offer escapism, luxury, and ultimate comfort for every hotel guest. After all, no hotel wants to be inundated with complaints from guests who didn’t enjoy their stay or who found problems with the room.

That is why hotels will invest in high-quality bedding materials, to give guests a blissful night’s sleep and keep them satisfied throughout their stay.

So, why are hotel comforters so fluffy, more so than household comforters?

Well, hotel comforters are:

  • Softer, fluffier, and more luxurious

Hotels often choose expensive comforters with premium filling materials, for example, goose down, which is naturally soft, cloud-like and comfortable.

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
  • Cleaned much more often

Hotels will clean their comforters regularly, to remove stains, foul odours, and nasty germs. They are required to meet health and safety requirements and make guests comfortable.

  • Replaced very frequently

Hotels can’t keep the same comforters in their rooms for months on end, as they will inevitably lose their shape and quality. So, hotel comforters will always feel fresher, plumper and more comfortable to sleep on, because they are newer.

  • Made from high-quality materials

Hotels know that customers have high standards when it comes to bedding. So, the hotel will look for certain properties in the comforter, which bring ultimate comfort.

For example, the comforter may be made from soft, natural fibres, with a 300 thread count. It will also be hypoallergenic and breathable, to enhance the comfort of guests who have allergies or skin conditions.

How do I keep my comforter clean in between washes?

To keep your comforter fresh and clean before wash day arrives, follow these tips below:

  • When you wake up in the morning, don’t make your bed right away. Instead, peel back the comforter to air it out, as this will allow any moisture to escape.
  • Change your bedding at least once a week.
  • Open your bedroom windows regularly, to allow fresh air in.
  • Hoover your bedroom before you strip your bed. If you strip your bed near a dusty floor, then the dust mites will land all over the bedding.
  • Wipe down your bed frame, headboard, and bedside cabinet at least once a week.
  • Try not to allow pets to sleep on top of your comforter, or at least limit the time they spend in your bed. Your furry friend can leave hair, dander, ticks, fleas, and even germs and faecal matter, which can worsen allergies and transfer infections to you that are hazardous to your health.
  • If any condensation builds on your bedroom windows, wipe this away, to prevent the build-up of mould.
  • Pre-treat any stains on your comforter before it goes into the washing machine.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while in bed, as this will create crumbs and spillages in your bed.
  • Take a shower and wash your face before you go to bed.
  • Never go to sleep with wet hair. The dampness of your hair can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and mould on your bedding.
  • Wear clean pyjamas to bed.
  • Try not to wear your outdoor clothing while sitting or lying in bed.
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

Where can I buy hotel-quality bedding?

Here at Bedding Comfort Store, we offer hotel-quality bedding, to help you recreate the luxurious experience of a hotel room, in your home!

We are proud to offer premium-grade bedding items that are elegant enough to go in a hotel room, at affordable prices.

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Below, we have highlighted a few of our favourite pieces of hotel-quality bedding:

Winter Duvet

Do you need a luxurious winter duvet, which wouldn’t be out of place in a hotel room?

Then why not go for our 300 Thread Dobby White Winter Duvet 13.5 Tog?

We have packed 300 threads in every square inch of this duvet, which creates a soft, compliant duvet that feels divine.

The filling is a polyester hollowfibre, specially chosen because it is air-permeable. This allows air and moisture to pass through – an important characteristic for winter duvets to stop you from overheating and sweating during the night.

We have also treated this duvet for anti-allergy and anti-mite, to help fend off your allergies and give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

Duvet for Hot Sleepers

Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

Do you struggle to sleep due to night sweats, or because you feel hot and stuffy?

Well, our Luxury Hotel Collection Supremely Washable Summer Duvet 1.0 Tog is a great choice for you.

The lightest duvet in our summer collection, it is lofty, airy and extremely breathable, making it ideal for those of us who struggle to stay cool at night time.

Available in single, double, king and super king sizes, this duvet will provide a blissful night’s sleep, without breaking the bank.

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Pillow Pair

Are you looking for hotel-grade pillows, which offer excellent support to your head and neck?

Well, our Luxury Soft Touch Pillow Pair with Quilted Protectors is soft, cloud-like, and feels divine to sleep on. Each pillow has a 100% microfibre cover and a 100% hollowfibre filling, which is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

So comfortable are these pillows, that you can sleep on them without a pillow case at night- which is a proven way to stay cool on warm, muggy nights.

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Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy
Why Are Hotel Comforters So Fluffy

How often should you replace a comforter?

We recommend replacing your comforter every 2 to 5 years, as this will:

  • greatly enhance your sleep quality.
  • remove any infestations of dust mites and germs.
  • help prevent allergy flare-ups.
  • feel more comfortable for your skin.
  • make your bed feel cleaner and fresher.
  • improve your mood.

What are the signs that I need to replace my comforter?

So, when it is time for a brand-new comforter?

Look out for the following signs:

  • The comforter feels limp, lumpy, scratchy, and uncomfortable to sleep on.
  • The comforter has lost its ability to retain heat and keep you warm at night.
  • The compartments of your comforter no longer have as much filling inside.
  • The seams have split, and the filling has started leaking out.
  • The comforter is frayed and thin, with visible holes.
  • The comforter is covered in stubborn stains.
  • The comforter has become faded or discoloured.
  • The comforter is emitting a foul odour.
  • You find yourself coughing, sneezing, with itchy eyes, or having a flare-up of allergy symptoms when you go to sleep or when you wake up.

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We hope this article has provided the answer to the question ‘why are hotel comforters so fluffy?’

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