Premium Quality Polyester Quilt Wadding

Wadding is necessary for quilting whether it’s mattress toppers, mattress covers or quilted bed cover sets or comforter sets. It is a part of an internal layer of the quilted sandwich.

The quality of wadding plays a crucial role in determining the insulating qualities, softness and durability of the bedding.

Polyester fibrefill wadding is suitable for the bedding that requires regular washing as it does not shrink while natural wadding may shrink slightly because it is manufactured from natural materials like wool or cotton. The choice of wadding depends on your use.

Our polyester wadding UK is of superior quality and is available in different sizes and weights. If you want to design custom comforter bed sets or quilted bed sheets then this is a perfect choice. You can also use it for making arts and crafts, upholstery, quilting, soft toys filling and for a variety of other uses.