If you’re after only the best quality fabric we can help you out. From plain white fabric to coloured options, our collection of fabrics has been weaved with high-quality cotton and man-made polyester to help you make different a variety of textile products with great advantages such as its durability.

  • Ivory Curtain Lining Fabric Poly Cotton Twill Weave Grade A 100 inches / 54cm Wide

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    £4.99 Inc. VAT
  • Plain White Sheeting Fabric Polycotton 76×68 30/30 100 inches / 254cm Wide

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    £3.99 Inc. VAT
  • Plain White Sheeting Fabric Polycotton 76×68 30/30 32 60 inches/ 150cm Wide

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    £2.99 Inc. VAT

Polycotton is a blend of natural cotton and synthetic polyester, used to make clothing and homeware accessories like bedsheets or pillowcases. Polycotton is another popular material for medical scrubs worn by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Soft and long-lasting, as opposed to cotton alone. Polycotton can be washed repeatedly without losing its form or moisture-absorbing qualities.

Resistance to wrinkle:
Useful for apparel purposes because it resists wrinkles better than 100% natural cotton fibres, an excellent fabric for clothing such as dresses and suits.

Polycotton’s wrinkle resistance has the added benefit of eliminating the need to iron garments or fabrics created from the material. Even if you like to iron your clothes, you’ll be delighted to know that polycotton is very easy to iron!

Breathable fabrics are important for lots of reasons when used as clothing garments. It allows sweat and body odours to quickly air to rise, for example. Also, it keeps the wearer from becoming overheated.

According to scientific studies, breathable textiles are vital for people to wear, thus polycotton is an excellent fabric to utilise in garment manufacturing.