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Our 230 Thread Count Cotton Pillow is a mid-range pillow with a luxury feel, boasting a 100% cotton 230 thread count cover which is smooth and soft. A 230 thread count is the sweet spot for value and luxury, delivering great performance.

We filled our 230 Thread Count Pillow with microfibre, a lofty material that mimics the feel and performance of down without the animal cruelty. It’s a convincing down alternative, but has a soft, airy feel you won’t find anywhere else.

All the materials in our 230 Thread Count pillow are naturally hypoallergenic, so this is a great product for allergy sufferers. The pillow can be wiped clean and its machine washable at 40°C with bound edges for durability.

Who is our 230 Thread Count Pillow for? Anyone who wants luxury at an affordable price! Some say you can’t tell the difference between 230 threads than 300. Give it a go and see what you think – a great sleep awaits!

Choosing the perfect pillow

We offer our 230 Thread Count Pillow in soft, medium and firm feels for different kinds of sleeper. It only comes in one size – 48cm x 76cm – which is the standard UK pillow size, so it will fit your standard pillowcases no problem.

Soft pillows are best for front sleepers because the pillow provides a near-flat sleeping experience. Medium pillows are good for all sleeping positions, but especially back and occasional side sleepers due to the extra support. Firm pillows are best for side sleepers because the pillow keeps the spine and neck aligned on your side.

Most people should have a combination of pillows – a good option is a firm and soft pillow, which will give you flexibility to sleep in multiple positions.

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