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If you want the best night’s sleep ever, our 300 Thread Count Dobby Design Pillow is the pillow for you. It pairs a 300 thread count cotton cover with a microfibre filling, mimicking the loftiness and comfort of down without allergies.

What does a 300 thread count pillow feel like? The cover is silky smooth and extremely soft, giving it a luxury feel. The dobby design is unique and exclusive, imprinted into the fabric on the dobby loom for a divine texture that feels great.

The microfibre filling was carefully chosen to mimic the sensation of down, giving you excellent airiness and a lofty sensation. You feel like your head is on a cloud on this pillow, a sensation reserved for only the finest pillows in the world.

Other features include soft, medium and firm feels and machine washability, giving you the option to wash it at 40°C on a delicate wash.

Choosing the perfect luxury pillow

Everyone sleeps differently, but not that differently. You’ll be a front, side or back sleeper predominantly, even if you sleep in several positions.

If you mainly sleep on your side, choose our firm 300 Thread Count Dobby Design Pillow for extra support. If you sleep on your front, choose a soft pillow. If you sleep in every position, a medium pillow will serve you best.

However, most people have a mix of pillows for the best of both worlds. A firm and soft pillow together is a great combination. When choosing pillows, consider how you sleep and the kind of elevation you like to guarantee comfort.

Our 300 Thread Count Dobby Design Pillow is beautifully made, and the dobby pattern makes it unique. No finer pillow exists for the money, so give it a go and see what you think.