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Whether you run a hotel or want to replicate the comfort of your favourite hotel at home, there’s no finer pillows for the job than our hotel pillows.

Our Hotel Pillow Pair offers outstanding value for money, giving you two pillows that are available in soft, medium or firm feels.

We designed our hotel pillows to replicate the sensation of sleeping in a high-class hotel, where the pillows feel like clouds and the linen is as fresh as a daisy.

Our pillows are made from polycotton with a 100% hollowfibre filling. The polycotton we use is 50-50 polyester-cotton, giving you the comfort and softness of cotton alongside the durability of polyester for the best of both worlds.

The hollowfibre filling is perfectly weighted for each pillow, providing soft, medium or firm support. Hollowfibre is made from strands of polyester fibre, a synthetic material that’s light and breathable with excellent density when packed.

Hollowfibre and polycotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, our hotel pillow pair is an excellent choice for your bed.

Hotel luxury at an affordable price

Our hotel pillows are used in hotels, hostels and B&Bs, where they have an excellent track record for customer satisfaction. Homeowners also use our hotel pillows to replicate hotel comfort at home after sleeping like a baby in a hotel!

We offer our Hotel Pillow Pair in soft, medium or firm feels. Soft pillows are best for front sleepers, medium pillows are best for back and occasional side sleepers, and firm pillows are best for side sleepers because they offer more support.

Our hotel pillows are machine washable at 40°C and fast-drying. The polycotton cover is stain resistant and can be wiped clean. Simply choose the firmness that’s right for how you like to sleep and enjoy. Great sleeps await!


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