Non Allergic Itch-Free Loft Thermal Construction Insulation Roll (8000 mm x W370 mm x T110mm)


Roll insulation manufacture is made of high quality material. The Roll Insulation prevents heat from escaping and protects you from cold temperatures in the winter months as well as hot temperatures in the summer months.

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 Thermal insulation for cold room construction in both new and renovated projects. According to the Energy Saving Trust in an uninsulated home: -66% heat loss through uninsulated solid walls . 33% heat loss through uninsulated walls . 25% heat loss through uninsulated loft / roof space. 20% heat loss through windows & doors. And Most Importantly it is Non Allergic, Itch free. 


  • Material: Thermal Construction Insulation is made of recycled Polyester and the amount of recycled materials is 90%.
  • Specifications: These Thermal Insulation’s Length: 8 meter, Width: 370 mm & Thickness: 110 mm. Coverage: 2.96 m² and R-value: 2.29 m² K/W.
  • Features: Recycled polyester which can be doubled up to make around 220 mm of thickness. Making houses more energy efficient and helps to feel warmer. Itch free and anti allergic.
  • Our thermal insulation for cold rooms and it keeps room temperature normal.