Organic Cotton Cot Bed Waterproof Mattress Protector 140 x 70 + 15cm


100% brushed cotton flannelette is luxuriously soft to touch and easy to care without requiring any extra effort. Designed to drape any regular cot bed sheet with an extra deep fitting that maintains a tight, snug fit at all depths.

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Our waterproof protector helps to safeguard your toddler mattress from water allergies and dust mites. Its completely waterproof structure keeps moisture out for up to 48 hours, so you don’t have to worry about your baby being wet all night.  Its soft silky sheet makes it easy for baby boy or girl to relax and feel more relaxed. Wetness, mess, and bacteria will be kept at bay thanks to the anti-allergic and breathable fabric. The Baby Mattress Protector is made for cot beds that is available in 120 x 60cm size. Regardless of brand or model, it should fit any standard size infant crib mattress with a depth of up to 15cm. This cotton fitted sheet is machine washable at 40 degrees and tumble dried on low heat. As a result, washing does not consume all of your energy and time.