Temperature Control Soft Touch Airflow Pillow


The NightComfort Head and Neck Airflow Pillow provides the right amount of support while you sleep during the day or night.

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It comes with channel technology that allows air to flow through easily, promoting ideal sleeping conditions. It features low-pressure channel design that aligns neck, head & spine for proper support while you rest.

Features: The traditional pillow makes you hot at night because of the pressure on your face. So, it’s not good for sleep because worry about the stuffy nose. But NightComfort Airflow Pillow is designed to solve this problem. The Airflow pillow can adjust airflow through fine perforation design, which can make you feel cool and comfortable at night. It is different from traditional pillow; it uses new technology to help you sleep better and more comfortable. In the comfort of your bedroom, you spend nearly a third of your life. Sleeping on a bad pillow can affect your health and well-being. NightComfort provides an easy way to give you a better night’s sleep while reducing snoring, neck pain and heartburn.

Care Instruction: It is machine washable up to 40’C and can be tumble dried.